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General Questions

You’ll find in this section all the frequently asked question.
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What happen when I complete my deposit payment?


  1. Online Booking


  • How the Online Booking works?

Booking a car with Auto Angel Rent is very easy. It takes just about 5minutes. Our booking process is very simple. You just need to select the details like pick-up and drop-off location and the booking period. Then, you will be able to view all our vehicles available for that period together with our best prices, and also the detailed features of each vehicle. After the selection of car you will have to supply some further details like insurance and personal details ( name, address, email). The last step is paying a deposit of 25% of your total rental price to secure your reservation. The 75% has to be paid upon pickup of car either by cash or credit card. Prices will be converted according to the selling rates.


  • What happen when I complete my deposit payment?

After confirmation you will receive a confirmation voucher in some minutes including all the rental details on your email address.

Is there any additional takes on the quoted price?

No, our prices include taxes.

What do I have to do to extend my rental period?

For extension please contact at the office or on the number given on rental agreement so that we can take your new drop-off time and details.

Can I pre-book child seats on the website?

Surely yes, you can pre-book child seats during the online booking process.

How can I make a booking apart from online website?

Apart from our easily online website, you can contact us by email, phone or whatsapp or even skype.

What if I am having problems during booking?

Worry not, if you having problem during booking please send us an email or contact us on whatsapp or skype.

Can anyone hire a car?

Anyone who has a valid driving license can hire a car. But his/her license should have been issued at least 2years prior of the hiring date.

Do I need an international driver’s license?

No, an international license is not a need. Your national driving license is valid to drive in Mauritius.

Is there a minimum booking duration?

Yes, the minimum rental period is three(3) days,

What documents do I need to produce on delivery?

  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Valid credit Card
  • Reservation Voucher

How can I pay for the remaining fee?

  • The remaining fee can be paid by cash or credit card ( mastercard, visa or paypal).

Will I receive the same vehicle that I chose?

  • In our booking process during vehicle selection you will come across the word <or similar>. This word simply means that we can offer you a car of same category. We always try our best to give you the same car you have booked but sometime we can’t provide you the same colour or model. So we will provide you the same category car.

Can I add extra features?

Yes, you can add extra features like child seats or GPS during the booking process. Additional fee is added in extra features.  Please note the loss or damage of any extras is not covered by insurance.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

In this case, just inform us by email or whatsapp so that we will re-schedule accordingly.

What if I arrive earlier?

No worry, if you arrive earlier either during your pick-up or drop-off, please contact us so that we try our best to reach to you at the earliest possible as soon as our agent is available.

Once I land in Mauritius how will I meet you or your agents?

GoHire1 agent will be at the airport in the arrival lounge to greet you. They will be having a board bearing <GoHire1>.

Will the tank be full when I take over the car?

Well, we do not promise a full tank car to you.  However we guarantee you that there will be enough fuel in the tank for you to reach the next fuel station. The car must be return back with the same amount of fuel as it had been given to you.

Do I have a limit to drive?

No, all cars are giving in rent with an unlimited mileage. You can drive on a unlimited mileage.

What if I am involved in a car accident?

In case of an accident, immediately inform us via whatsapp or direct call on the number mentioned on your rental agreement. We will advice you for the procedures to follow. One of our agents will come at your service as soon as possible. The agent will organize another car for you and help you out.

What to do in case of breakdown?

GoHire1 always provide well maintained car. But we can’t ignore the possibility of a breakdown. In this case we understand your frustration as it may spoil your holiday’s planning.  Therefore we give our best to get you a replacement car or roadside assistance as soon as possible. Simply call on the number provided on your rental agreement.

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